How much does RV Trip Wizard cost?
$39.00 US for a full year of usage. An unconditional 30 day full refund is available if you’re not 100% happy, and no automatic renewal.
What makes this service different from that of Good Sam, Passport America and others?
Many users find it difficult to look up some parks in those sites, and find it very difficult to create a useful trip plan.
Why is that?
Their information is often not comprehensive and focuses on campgrounds affiliated with their network.
What do you show that is different?
We show campgrounds, regardless of affiliation, in our database and let you choose from any of them.
What if I have a membership in a campground association?
Great. You’ll enter that info in your preferences file. We display the icon of your membership to help you select a campground, like this: GoodSam Trip Wizard Icon instead of this: Default Trip Wizard Tent Icon
So, if I am a Good Sam member, you show that icon on all Good Sam campgrounds?
What if I have several memberships?
In your settings, you can prioritize which parks are more important to you. Then the highest priority icon will show for a given park even if that campground is affiliated with several of your memberships. That way you can get the best discounts! If you have Passport America and Good Sam, you'd rank Passport first since you get a 50% discount vs. 10% for Good Sam.
What about campgrounds I am not affiliated with?
Those parks are shown with a generic tent icon. Default Trip Wizard Tent Icon
Can I choose one of those?
Of course, and remember that you can just view the information displayed, or select the campground to be added to your itinerary.
How many campgrounds am I limited to on a trip?
Unlimited. There is no limit to the number of campgrounds you can add to a single trip.
Can I change the order of my stops, or delete one?
Yes. You can rearrange the order of your stops by simply dragging to another position in your list of stops. You delete by editing the stop you wish to delete.
Can I note how many nights I want to stay at a campground?
What if I want to go to some point that is not shown as a campground, like my kid's house?
You can do that. The route will change to go there, assign a POI marker, and you can say how many nights you will be with them.
And if it is just a day trip, returning to the campground in the evening?
Yes, that situation is addressed as well, just enter 0 for the number of nights.
What about the cost of my trip?
We make a good estimate based on the information in your preference file, including fuel cost based on your rig's mileage, camping, meal and miscellaneous costs. We show the estimated cost for each leg of your trip, and the total. And, you can update the actual costs as the trip progresses.
Can I save a trip and come back later?
Yes, and that is something unique to the RV Trip Wizard.
Can I have more than one trip?
Yes, as many as you like.
Is the RV Trip Wizard limited to the United States?
We also have many Canadian parks as well.
What else do you show?
Fuel stops, Walmarts, Sam's Club, Casinos, rest stops (and also those with dump stations) and more. Those big box stores that permit overnight parking are also shown. And, there are some 8,000+ pet hospitals listed. Play golf? We have over 16,000 courses to choose from. We even show bike trails you can use at a campground. Cool.
What about updates?
This is one of the advantages of RV Trip Wizard being web-based; No software to load and no updates are required. Plus, access is available from a wide array of devices. We are constantly updating our database and adding new parks. Your help is appreciated.
Does RV Trip Wizard help me navigate the trip I created?
RV trip Wizard offers you the ability to download a trip into your GPS, all included in the same price, of course. It also allows you to print a trip summary that contains contact information for all your stops, mileage between stops and overall trip mileage, as well as trip cost estimates and GPS coordinates.
Can I export from RV Trip Wizard to Google Maps for directions?
Yes, we offer a downloadable file that works with Google Maps. Simply choose the Google Maps Format when given the choice. View Detailed Instructions.
Will I have difficulty learning to use it?
Our users find the Wizard to be very easy to use. There are a step-by-step set of instructions in the User's Guide, which you should read through. There is also an online Tutorial. And of course, we encourage you to contact us if you want to offer suggestions, or ask questions. Remember, we’re RV’ers too. We want your experience with RV Trip Wizard to be something you rave about.
What is needed to run RV Trip Wizard in my web browser?
Javascript is required. Having a relatively modern browser will give you the best experience. We recommend that you use one of the following browsers:
  • Chrome
  • Firefox
  • Safari v9.0+
  • Edge
  • Internet Explorer v11
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