We do our very best to provide you with accurate information about RV parks, campgrounds and other points of interest (POI). It is impossible, however, to be completely accurate in every instance. We are constantly updating our database with the most current information available to us.

All that said, it is well known that campground affiliations change frequently. For one reason or another, a park may choose to add or delete an affiliation. Usually, we’ll catch that when the company updates its list of member parks. Some, however, make that information difficult to obtain. Isn’t that weird?

As you travel around this great land, you may find that our information is incorrect. When this happens, you can help us and all your fellow RV Trip Wizards by filling our our Missing Campground Form. It is easy to do and it will automatically be emailed to us so that we can follow up the information provided.

You’ll find the form in the members area.